• Friday The 13th Dice Set | Collectible d6 Dice (AC010-716)

Collectible Friday the 13th 6-sided dice set featuring your favorite references – Friday the 13th logo, Camp Crystal Sign, Axe, Screaming Face, Bloody Handprint, and Jason Mask

High-quality durable d6 dice perfect for your next game night involving dice games, D&D, RPG games, teaching counting and math skills, or for other game

Dice are easy to read 6-sided dice with familiar characters and clear numbering for quick reference

Material: Dice made from acrylic for maximum durability during gameplay and are easy to roll, waterproof and oxidation-proof

6 Dice | Players 1+ | Ages 17+ | 15+ Min Play Time

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Friday The 13th Dice Set | Collectible d6 Dice (AC010-716)

  • Producător: usaopoly
  • Cod produs: AC010-716
  • Puncte de recompensă: 26
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 26,00 RON